Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Bumbling Beginning

Just a Teensy Bit of Information About Me
(to clear later confusion when I start blogging about these things):

I'm Heather. I'm 22. I reside in the Pacific Northwest in a suburb that I long to escape from someday. I'm the artist living within a family of people who are far more practical than I will probably ever be. I enjoy writing mostly fiction and I dabble in a ton of different arts and crafts. I'm addicted to Starbucks, making lists, collecting images online, and Disney/Pixar animation. I have a crappy job (but then again who doesn't?) working as a customer service clerk at a local drugstore chain, and I'm on the hunt right now for a receptionist position so I can be like the assortment of famous authors out there who were secretaries that wrote their novels on the side. I'm recently dealing with the fact that my boyfriend of a year and a half gets to live in Glasgow Scotland until he gets his M.A. in Creative Writing, while I hang around here and try to start my life having finally graduated with my English Bachelors degree. Other than that, I take my Nintendo DS wherever I go, spend way too much money, and I'm hoping that this blog will be unlike the other five I've started that I never continued past the first three posts. Here's hoping for the best...


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  1. Read your story and hope you bumble, bump, burst your way into the life you long for.